Friday, October 13, 2017

Love Is All That Matters - Diana Ross & Brandy

Rarely have I seen people expressing their love without inhibition, and with trust as in this video. I have experienced this with the Mother Amritanandamayi, but because I was not used to it, I couldn't receive it without flinching. We humans are supposed to be like that, but as we are so conditioned, expressions of love feel unnatural to us.

The other day I saw a toddler with her parents on the train. She may have been hardly two years. When children look at you they do not have any artificial agenda, nor are they planning to exploit you, neither are they afraid. I was with my mother and we could not help gazing at her. Her clear eyes gazed straight at you, with complete acceptance. Perhaps if God looked at you it might be like this--pure, unassuming, accepting,...

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