Friday, September 06, 2013

Can Spoken Words Heal Illness and Give Life?

Have you thought how your words influence the world and the people around you?

Anthony Yahle from Ohio had a chance to experience the power of words spoken with faith through his son.

The morning of August 5, 2013, Anthony had been admitted at the Kettering Medical Center, Ohio for difficulty in breathing. On August 10, he slipped into a comatose state. Soon, vital signs of life disappeared. The doctors declared him clinically dead.

One by one, the medical team left the room, leaving an inconsolable Melissa Yahle who was reeling under the sudden loss of her husband. Anthony’s son Lawrence, two daughters and the family pastor were also in the room.

The nurse disconnected all medical equipment except the heart monitor, the reason for which omission she now says she doesn’t know.

Suddenly, Lawrence Yahle recalls, something within him told him that his father could not die now.

He told his father, "Daddy, you are not going to die. You cannot!”

Immediately afterwards, the family pastor noticed some movement in the heart monitor. Emergency life saving services were rushed in.

Apparently his son’s words entered Anthony’s consciousness and triggered the fight for survival. His pulse rate and pressure soon returned to normal, and he is hale and hearty now.

For the medical records, Anthony had been dead for 45 minutes.

Listen to Lawrence here.

The bible speaks of words of faith that can move mountains and bring people back to life. Other religions echo the same principle.

Your words stem from your thoughts. Keeping our thoughts clean, pure, and energetic, can do a lot towards bringing in positive change, and who knows, sometimes miracles.

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