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Do you find it difficult to give form to your thoughts and ideas? Perhaps you are short of time or they are elusive, too mercurial to grab.

Worry no more. If you have the raw ideas and thoughts, I can provide a solid form to them --tailored for your purpose.

I am Sudheer, a freelance writer. I have been a technical writer in various companies since 2006 and have created content for companies like AT&T, Rivermine, and Tata Interactive Systems (user manuals and web based tutorials). I have also created study guides and web content as a freelancer for various clients from the US and Europe.

I have a degree in Civil Engineering and certified training in technical writing. 

specialize in user manuals, e-learning lessons, e-books, and study guides. I also perform editing and proofreading services.


You can contact me at mywriter01atgmaildotcom or use the Contact me form on the sidebar.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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