Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sticking to a personal development program

While working on our personal transformation, we need to be infinitely patient. As the saying goes, “Be patient with all things, but most of all with you”. Our attitude has to be : I will not hate myself even if I fail a million times or more. I am still lovable and acceptable. I accept myself still, even with all my defects. I am a magnificent being.

We need to repeat this self talk to ourselves as much as we can. For we do not work at improving ourselves because we do not feel good about ourselves. And why ? Because we are not saying the right things to ourselves.

When you make repeated attempts, along with self encouraging and supportive self talk like this, you can notice gradual improvement in your performance, in whatever field that you have chosen.

Writing affirmations is another effective tool, that helps us to keep on track towards our goals.

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