Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The value of everything

I had a friend during my college days who was a voracious reader. He used to read heavy books. I remember him buying Churchill's complete speeches at a book fair. I was incredulous: How would he read them ? Makarand was blind.

At that time we (his classmates) took turns reading the books to him. Later he was gifted a software which helped him read alone. He could scan the text and feed it into his computer. The software read out the entire book to him.

When I heard of how much struggle he went through just to read a book, I was struck with a sense of shock at how people gifted with fully functioning organs spend their days. They have fully functioning eyes, ears, tongue, hands, legs and brain.

Have we ever stopped to realise the value of the gifts given us? And how we are using them ?

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