Friday, September 24, 2010

The Truth Seeks Itself

There was this seeker after Truth who wandered all over the land, desperately. He went to Gurus and plied them with questions.

Their answers did not satisfy him. They did not open his eye to the truth, and his quest went on...

Then one day he sought out a less known sage. He was living in a remote area, shunning the public eye.

After the formalities, he, as was his wont, unleashed his question:

"Sir, where is the truth ? How may I see it ?"

The master looked up from the cup of tea he was holding in his hands, and gazed silently into the seeker's eyes. After a long silence, he said:

"It is verily the Truth that is asking this question!"

The answer homed into the seeker's heart like an arrow, and silenced it. His mind opened inward, and he knew:

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