Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do We Need to Change?

For a while, I thought I was obsessed with Anger management ( Overcoming Resentment and Other Negative Feelings: Part 2 and Part 1). Do human beings really need to do something about their violent behavior ?

The statistics gravely say : Yes.
These are the approximate figures of the death toll because of wars and anthropogenic (man made) disasters in human history:

That is, humans have killed approximately 4-5 billion from their own race. The actual figure will be much higher, if we consider individual crimes.

People kill for pride, vengeance, racial and religious bigotry. The modern world has invented newer reasons devoid of emotion: profit. Yes, wars mean profit for the arms dealers. The more wars, the merrier they are.

In this world, one has to be extra careful about maintaining one's emotional balance. The sole reason for this malady of the world is that it has mistaken the goal of human existence. It thinks life is only for enjoying more and more pleasures, for accumulating more and more wealth. This is a fallacy. We are still running after the same pleasures that we sought decades ago-in the vain hope that the next experience will quench our thirst. At best, pleasure experiences can have but one benefit: they can teach us about their own emptiness.

The spiritual masters and scriptures have declared the true purpose of human life: to know Oneself.
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