Sunday, February 26, 2012

Would You Like Some Happiness?

If you answered YES to this question, I hope you also know where to find it, for I only wanted to tell you that I cannot give you happiness. Not just me, nobody else can do that, for that matter. Not your spouse, your children, your pup,

Sorry, but this came out of the following paragraph from Michele Weiner Davis's ground breaking book "Divorce Busting":
People are shocked to discover that their difficulties continue to hound them in spite of their single status or their choice of a new partner. Some disillusioned divorced people tell me, "My spouse's habits really irritated me, but now I cant cope with this loneliness. The silence in the evenings is killing me.." Or " the new guy I married seemed so sensitive and open, the qualities I missed in my first marriage, but  as I've gotten to know him better he now seems more like a clone of my first husband." Or "I thought leaving my wife and all of her demands would make me happy, but oddly enough I am still unhappy."

Reminds you of something? Perhaps we too often forget to look in that oft neglected secret place: Within ourselves.

For more information about her book, see: Divorce :A Solution?
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