Thursday, March 07, 2013

Improving Software Usability with Technical Documentation - A Case Study

As you might be aware, Recallplus is a mind-mapping software that can do flash card testing as well. The vendor says it is the only mind-mapping software which can do both.

I bought the Essentials version a few years back, and it seems to fit in my expectations. There are a number of functionalities which you will find convenient in mind-mapping for studying

The only hitch is that the program is a bit unwieldy at times. Using a tablet can solve this problem.

Many of the nice features of this application lie obscure because there is no clear documentation. I took the short cuts portion from the online help and applied some technical writing principles. I hope it is effective now. What do you think?

You can download the Free Shortcuts Guide for Recallplus by clicking .

To download the Recallplus software for free, click here. It allows unlimited mind-mapping forever. You need to upgrade for testing and other functionalities.
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