Friday, April 24, 2015

A Beautiful War

This looks nice when you are ensconced in the safety of your living room, coffee and popcorn in hand. But not so nice when you learn the targets of this terminator style war are often innocent children.

Are we priming ourselves for self-extermination with our war games?

A child reared on war movies and games is ready to take on a similar role in life by the time he is an adult. Explosions and sniper strikes are entertainment. I would say the Italian marines' shooting of two unarmed Indian fishermen in high seas grew out of a similarly fostered temperament.

Unfortunately it back fires. It is not always "the enemy" that is the target. These come home to haunt us in the form of school yard killings and mall shoot outs.

It is time for our education to include the oneness of the human race, rather than just patriotic seclusiveness.

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