Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cheap Printing With HP DeskJet Ink Advantage

I had bought an Ink advantage printer some time back but never got around to testing it. The claim was that a print would cost around 0.20 ps/page (USD 0.003).

Finally today I had the occasion to print a large quantity in one go. Here are the results:

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage

Number of pages printed: 316
Cartridge: HP 678 (BLACK)
Cost of Cartridge: Rs.550/- including shipping. (USD 8.08)
Printing Cost per page:Rs.1.74  (USD 0.03)

The word count is a bit heavy though: about 450 per page.

Though this doesn't come close to their claim, it still is better than the original Canon printer I had that cost about Rs.10 per print.

Have a look here :Hewlett Packard K9B59AB1H Deskjet Printer/    

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