Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Seat of Consciousness

Where are we in the human body? Scriptures say we are everywhere inside and outside the body as consciousness. However this is a relative world, and we can't comprehend absolute realities while perceiving from a world of relativity. We need a reference point while operating here.

Let us consider the vital organs in the body: people do continue to live without arms and legs. All the organs in the trunk can be replaced, including the heart.

The brain is the only organ that cannot be replaced. There is a very high probability that the seat of consciousness is in the brain.

The Hindu scriptures talk about the thousand petalled lotus in the human brain. Perhaps that is allegoric. For all purposes, we say a person is unconscious or gone to sleep when his brain ceases to function.

It is true that we perceive through every organ. Just as the eyes see, our skin perceives the world through the sense of touch. Still that is about the only sense organ, a part of which resides in the trunk. The other, more critical sense organs of perception-the eye, ear, nose, and tongue are all situated in the head, along with the skin.

The brain  also manages all other organs, in their operation and internal maintenance. Physically also, it is in the highest position.

All of this point out that the brain is the most critical component of the body. So it may well house the most mysterious secret inside the body: us.

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