Thursday, March 02, 2017

Handling Gas Cylinder Leakages in India

You just need to learn how things move here.

Today morning our cooking gas cylinder ran out. We replaced the cylinder and the domestic help continued the cooking.

After she left, my wife complained of gas leakage. I took out the valve and tried to reconnect the cylinder.

In a particular position, it continued to leak gas audibly.

I immediately turned off the cylinder valve.

It was only a month ago that the gas supplier had checked the safety of the gas valve and replaced the tube (at a cost of course)

So, the problem must be with the new cylinder.

The emergency number for gas leakage was on Google. It was on the Indane Website:

I dialled the number on my mobile: first 1906, and then (011) 1906. The time: 13:08.

No body takes an emergency gas leakage call!!!

There was no answer.

Tried a few more times in vain.

There was another number at the top:1800 233 3555. I tried that one too.

The response:  You seemed to have dialled a wrong number.
The time: 13:06

It is  a weekday, Thankfully somebody answered at the local gas distributor's (Indane- Kitchen Aids). They would be sending somebody along.

He came by 14:40, 1 1/2 hours after the call, and fixed it.

The domestic help had not noticed the leak. Thank God that nothing happened while she was cooking.


I tried the above emergency numbers later (about an hour later). This time I got a response from an IVR.

This means you simply have to keep trying. Eventually somebody is going to respond.

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