Sunday, September 17, 2017

Should You Seek Liberation? Why?

As life races along to its inevitable end, I am confounded by doubts and thoughts. Why do we live? What are we doing here? What is the purpose of life? What is mind? If the purpose of life is liberation through enlightenment, what happens when one becomes liberated? How do we recognize a liberated being? Do we need to know the answer to every doubt before being liberated?

A google search threw up these results:
My religion says human beings are the only species capable of realizing the truth about existence. This seems obvious, as only humans can think. Animals cannot. Even though they display affection and sparks of intelligence, they cannot contemplate on the meaning of life. They are too caught up in the pleasures and pains of bodily existence.

The problem is that even to think effectively and arrive at a solution, we need a focused mind. Developing a focused mind must be our first priority.

  • What happens when one becomes liberated?
Liberation is the extinction of all desires. So if somebody manages to eliminate all of his desires, they would be liberated. However, desires are the cause of birth. In other words, we get a body because we have desires. This means if there are no desires, the body will cease to exist. Means we will die, but will continue to exist as Consciousness.

Does this alarm you? It will scare most people that Liberation will cause death, but it need not be. Eliminating all of the desires is not an easy task, and will take quite a lot of time, if at all it is possible in one birth. And by the time you do manage to do that, you would have expanded your consciousness so much that birth and death become child's play.

Some liberated people chose to keep a few desires so that they will continue to live till natural death happens.

  • Do we need to know the answer to every doubt before being liberated?

Liberation means the person has no reason for seeking desires. You have found the true source of happiness and contentment that is within yourself and you no longer need external experiences for happiness.
You don't need to know all the answers to be happy. To be happy all that you need to do are:

  • Be active
  • Be alert

Note: This is an ongoing post. I am trying to collect all that I have learned about the purpose of human life and put them down. So it is incomplete.

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