Thursday, January 25, 2018

Reason For Modern Man's Maladies

The tragedies of some rich people and celebrities make headlines often.

We are having so many maladies in modern life because we have neglected the inner for the outer.

Pleasures of the body, making money etc are outer pursuits.

We have inner equipment also. The mind is inner to the body.

When we cease to take care of our inner being, existing only for material success and/or pleasures, we are setting ourselves up for a disaster. A disaster from which the body's pleasures and our material achievements will not rescue us.

For they're not our friends. At best, they can be good servants.

Our inner being (mind and consciousness) is our real friend that will stand by us always. We need to devote time to cultivating our inner being. This time spent will serve us well in future.

What we ate and drank and splurged on, is not going to support us. That can even bring disease and ill being.

Be an island unto yourself.

Be heedful, monks, mindful, virtuous.
With your resolves well-concentrated, look after your minds.
He who, in this doctrine & discipline, remains heedful,

leaving the round of birth, will make an end of stress.

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