Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yoga: a Panacea

Those who regularly practise Yoga can experience a gradual spreading of calmness. This is first experienced during the practice sessions. Gradually it spreads to the remaining parts of the day.

But one issue that most yoga practitioners would have faced is that of maintaining the calm of Yoga in the midst of workday pressures. How to stay calm and centered while that colleague is carping at you, spreading tales about you behind your back.

This is a real life situation most of us have had to face at one time or other.

It would be better to stop pretending to be an accomplished yogi who is having samadhi every time he meditates. We are all human. We have passed through countless lives before, and their residue is left in our minds in the form of impressions. When the apt situations crop up, they may rise like the sphinx.

This kind of vexing situation is known only to the serious practitioner. He who has been keeping at it for years. He may have had a few transcendental experiences, but when the ego is provoked in real life, the hot sweaty life of jealousy and rat race amidst the corporate jungle, he may forget everything and there goes ack!ack!ack!

Nothing to worry. We have to cultivate awareness. Awareness of our thoughts, feelings, actions. Here the Vipassana group has done excellent work by focusing on the awareness aspect of meditation.

We start with awareness of our bodily movements when we sit to meditate-the twitching of muscles, the ache in the knee, the blinking of the eyelids and the breath going in and out, ...

Then the feelings that arise---the anger, the fear, the lust,
Just being aware of them as they arise...not trying to control them...Trying to control thoughts would be like not trying to think of monkeys (which could end up to be a meditation on monkeys!)

We just let them be...give them space....AND WE LOVE OURSELVES...Accept OURSELVES for what we are now.Here.

Our failures don’t matter...our shortcomings don’t matter...It doesn’t matter who we are and what we have done so far...We simply accept ourselves…

Particularly useful is it to repeat to yourself :I ACCEPT MYSELF. I APPROVE OF MYSELF. Over and over…

Note: (Louise.L.Hay’s books are a great source of guidance for healing your mind and body.)

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