Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Experience Your Energy Field

Energy fields occur around every living being from humans to animals, plants and minerals. This seems to be a verification of the age old philosophy that consciousness resides in everything. As Jalaluddin Rumi has put it:
“God sleeps in minerals,
Awakens in plants,
Moves in animals and
Thinks in humans.”

Energy has been variedly described as Ki in Japanese, Prana in Sanskrit, Chi in Chinese and Bio plasma in modern new age lingo. We may not be aware of the terms for this phenomenon in other languages, but it being universal, we need not be surprised if we keep encountering this in varied cultures.The human energy field is shaped like a three dimensional ellipse. (the elliptical equivalent of a sphere)

I had my first experience of this energy (I will call it Chi here) in a Tai chi class. The class was conducted by Mr. Marco from Auroville, India.

The practice is simple. The essential thing is to be relaxed.

1. Sit straight on a chair or mat.

2. Wear loose clothing.

3. Attain a state of progressive relaxation of your body as described below.

4. Relaxation is indicated by the looseness of your fore arms.

5. Shake your forearms as you would shake a bottle. The only thing is, you should think it is connected loosely at the joints.

6. Shake your palms vigorously, keeping the forearms still. Similar to waving a piece of cloth tied to a pole.

7. Now move your forearms (one by one) up, do not bother about the palm, let it lie as it is – a piece of cloth that may move up or down as the pole to which it is tied is moved up and down.

8. After repeated attempts, you will feel the relaxation. When the palm is really hanging limp, you will feel the relaxation in your stomach.

9. Do this alternately with the left and right hands.

10. When you feel somewhat relaxed and loose in your stomach (solar plexus), you can start to feel the chi energy.

11. Feeling the Chi: Now holding your forearms still, gently move your palms upward, without any tension.

12. When the palm and forearm are not curved anymore, bring the two palms, gently together, so as to face each other.(They should not touch )

13. As the palms come closer, you will feel a tingling in the finger tips.

14. Other sensations experienced on the finger tips and palm are: a slight warmth, a pulling or pushing sensation(similar to attraction and repulsion of magnets)

15. This is your energy field.

16. You can experiment with your energy field by bringing the palms wide apart slowly, but still facing each other.

17. You can hold one palm still and move the other over it.

18. You can move one palm in a circular motion over the other.

19. The sensations as the energy fields around each palm interact are different in each of these steps.

20. Sensitive people may find it easier to experience the energy field.

21. If the energy field is not experienced, repeat the exercise daily till you do.

22. Afterwards, you can experiment in other ways, like chanting mantras and prayers and experiencing the variations in the sensations.
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