Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Your Amygdala

This is a remarkable book by Robert Mauer :One Small Step Can Change Your Life. The Kaizen Way. He brings out many novel concepts based on modern neurological studies. According to Dr.Mauer, a small component of the human brain called Amygdala causes us to persist or retreat in achieving our goals. It is the Amygdala which takes care of the fight or flight mechanisms of the human body, enabling us to survive.

When we start a change in our behaviour pattern, for example, say,studying a new language, we find ourselves in unknown territory.And the unknown causes fear. If the amygdala gives out the signal to flee at this point, we will just escape from the task. It may come in the form of a headache, accident or a decision to stop studying.

I have decided to write one line everyday in order to develop my writing capabilities.If I feel like it, I may write more, or only one word; I am sure to achieve this target; I cannot miss it. It is not a formidable one. For it is the fear of failure that makes one retreat from endeavour. If the targeted goal is ridiculously low there cannot be fear.

Most of us fail to achieve our resolved goals because our amygdala is frightened by the unknown that we are venturing into.Even as I write this now, I am feeling uncomfortable, for I feel I have written more, and that I am expected to continue like this. My Amygdala is making me stop writing and run.

I need to gradually reduce my fear of failure and success.The trick, says Dr.Mauer is not to awaken the amygdala. The key to this is awareness and relaxation.

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