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Have You Been Born Before ? An Argument for Rebirth with a Documented Event

The debate on rebirth has been raging for centuries. In the latter half of the twentieth century, leading authorities in various fields began publishing their experiences, research and views on the subject. Notable among them were Elizabeth Kubler Ross (M.D), George Ritchie (MD), and Brian Weiss (MD). We can find many arguments in favor of rebirth.

Is there life after death ?
For one thing, we would never know. For nobody would live to tell it, even if there were. NDEs( Near Death Experiences) are the nearest that we can come to documented study. But we can advance several case studies towards this theory.

Here I present for your consideration (for rebirth):
  1. An argument
  2. A documented event
1.The Argument
You need a blank sheet of paper and a pen. Take the pen and draw a line from left to right (straight or curved) on the paper. Name the end points as A and B. Your line might look like this :

          A                                   B

Now please answer these two questions :

         Where is the origin of the line?
         Where is its end ?

If you are like most people, you would have pointed to A and then B (or vice-versa if you had drawn right to left).

However, consider this : Precisely the line originated when you moved your hand, took the pen, then you placed its tip on the paper to draw the line AB. And before that, you were reading this post. Before that? You landed on this page somehow. Before just goes on...and on...
And does it end at B ? No. You kept the pen down, and now you are reading will continue...

So the line AB here represents the visible life on earth (from our birth to death). There definitely can be, has to be, events associated with you before your birth. You cannot assign individuality just from a point, simply because it is the only one visible.

Coming to think of it, how much can you remember of what you did and thought today ? Yesterday ? Before that ? Were you even aware ? If you were aware you would have remembered every single one of your actions (and your births).

2.The Event
This is a well known incident, documented in all major Indian newspapers, at-least those in South India. It is about a child prodigy painter called Clint who lived in Kerala, India from 1976 to 1983. A street in Kochi (his home town) is named in his memory and a film has been made about him.

He drew over 25,000 paintings in his short life span of, six years and eleven months. He never received formal training. And he drew pictures in elaborate detail.

Before you read Wikipedia's article on Clint : A question--How did Clint acquire his abilities ? He was born  and raised a Christian. He drew pictures of Hindu Gods as well.

He did not acquire this ability in this life time.

The same can be said about artists and athletes who exhibit extraordinary skill in a particular art or sport early in their lives, before any formal training can be given.

Read about Clint on Wikipedia :
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