Sunday, May 22, 2011

Love Can Do Anything

The power of love is understated in today's competitive, alpha-spirited world. Or rather, it is rarely visible. You catch glimpses of it in random acts of tenderness, such as the smile of an unknown child when it looks at you through the passing vehicle's glass. It is love in action. What motivated that child to smile at you ? We will never know-perhaps its innate Godliness (which is still unsullied in children) made it do it.

Terry Dobson, world famous martial expert, narrates an incident of kindness that changed his perception of martial arts and life itself. It happened while he was travelling in a suburban train in Japan. He had been learning Aikido (a martial art) there.

A drunk man in the compartment started bullying people near him. He shoved an old lady, and knocked an attendant down.

Dobson stood up, his youthful enthusiasm for adventure coupled with the desire to test his newly acquired skills in Aikido. But he wanted the drunk to make the first move, so he blew him a kiss to infuriate him. As expected, it provoked him and a fight was about to erupt when an elderly man who had been sitting quietly till then, intervened.

He spoke soothingly to the drunk man, and gently eased him away. Soon he was listening with a heart of empathy to his tale of woes. It turned out that he had lost his job and his wife too had left him !

Soon, the hulking man was sobbing in his lap like a child ! The old man's loving approach had melted the bitter hardness of his heart, embrittled by life's misfortunes.

What a way to resolve a conflict !

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