Saturday, March 31, 2012

Instant Manifestation

Most netizens will be aware of Scott Adams' method of writing affirmations daily for manifesting their cherished desires. After The Secret, people have become more aware of their own innate power to create the life of their dreams.

However, having started on the path of manifesting your desires, have you felt that you were not getting to your dream desires fast enough? Or do you feel progress has slowed to a stand still? Considering the following points will rekindle your faith and give an added impetus.

Napolean Hill said it all in the title of his book:Think and Grow Rich. Earlier thinkers have said: Thoughts create our destiny. You are your thoughts..Thoughts are things. You are creating your future now with your thoughts.

If we really felt the impact of the truths in the above statements, we would realise the immense power that is passing through our hands each moment---Thoughts. We wouldn't waste a single thought away from our cherished goals.

We would be like the thief when he became aware of the treasure in the next room, he was always thinking about how  to get at it.

Science estimates that approximately 50,000-70,000 thoughts pass through the average human being every day. Hardly 5% of those thoughts are directed towards specific goals (for most people). Now what if you were able to direct more and more of those thoughts towards your goal? What if you direct ALL of your thoughts towards your  goal? I believe instant manifestation would be the result.

However, redirection of thought energy subjects the human psycho-physical system to a huge strain. Obviously, a gradual approach is preferable.
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