Thursday, March 29, 2012

Improve Quality of Life Experiences With Focus

You can see below a series of pictures of the same place, at the same time. Now, do you notice a progressive change in the quality of the pictures ? Which one looks appealing to you ?

The broad scene-not very attractive, isn't it? Even drab..But wait, see below...

Any better?


This is a close up of the same flowers in the center of the first photo.

If you found the last photo much more attractive than the preceding ones, it is not surprising: focus improves the quality of our experiences.

Whether it is having a seven course meal, or a cup of tea, or even just a sip of water-most of us rush through our daily activities hardly noticing the moment. We are caught up in the ever rushing torrent of thoughts. Do we really breathe the freshness of the morning air, 'see' the beauty of a flower, experience the taste of a treat, ...?
Most people lose the magic of the moment. To experience it all you've to do is focus-just pay attention. You can experience ethereal beauty in common experiences just by narrowing your attention.

A word of caution: Be careful on what you focus. Focusing on experiences and thoughts which create unpleasantness is counterproductive. Lets focus on positive emotions and experiences, for they hold healing energy.
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