Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why Writers Should Write Stream of Consciousness Everyday

Writing well involves being able to transfer your remarkable thoughts on to the keyboard. Everybody has great thoughts- great novel plots, seeds of e-books,  blog posts and articles coursing through their minds.

Then why doesn’t everybody write a smashing good blog post? Or having written one, why do bloggers trail off into long periods of no writing? Some reasons:

Good writing is the result of deep thinking. It can happen automatically. You may be ruminating on a topic while at your chores. Then voila! Out of the blue a remarkable thought strikes like lightning.


This is where writers are born… or allow themselves to wilt away…

Most people watch that innovative thought for some time, tell themselves they will note it down, and then let it fade away from memory.

However, if you have been writing SOC everyday for 5-15 minutes, you would have been habituated to the process of writing. The act of writing does not scare you anymore. So as soon as a great thought strikes, you will put it down on paper. It also happens that, if you have a habit of daily soc writing, when you sit down to write, you can have great thoughts.

Why don’t we continue to write every day?

If you have tried SOC writing for an extended period, you will have found that many of the days, the writing isn’t anything special. It can be drab, taboo, incoherent babbling. Sometimes it may be devoid of any meaning at all.

Most people get discouraged at this point.

However, we do need to feed great thoughts into our minds along with the SOC writing exercise, and also we need to aim at a goal. Reading good thinkers is an excellent way to raise the quality of thoughts. Slowly, our thoughts will acquire more clarity, until we feel comfortable presenting them to the world.
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