Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Dilemma of Choosing: Prosperity or Peace?

Have you tried the LOA, affirmations, or the Secret to manifest your desires?

I have been a fan of manifesting, LOA and all similar theories. I had some results with writing affirmations the Scott Adams style.

Recently I recalled something that I had read long ago that stated in effect, that chanting can accomplish anything you want. Yes, literally anything.

I did not want to take chant as a short cut to success. It could be a supplement to hard work and I was prepared to work hard.

Wanting to try out this, I looked around for something to chant and came upon Krishna Das's chants. They are very musical, and thus easy to chant for longer duration. This was the reason I went for them.

I found it on Youtube and sang along.

Soon I found myself losing myself in the magnetic rhythm of the chant. I forgot all about why I had started chanting in the first place.

Then I remembered. I needed to manifest my goals.

It was a dilemma. What to choose: the happiness of seeing my desires fulfilled or just forgetting myself in the ineffable bliss of the chant?

I am still looking for the answer. My goals are yet to manifest.

Perhaps it need not be Prosperity or  Peace. It could be Prosperity and Peace.

Here is a sample of the chant I tried. (Note: You are under no obligation to listen to it. I am not propagating anything here.)

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