Monday, December 23, 2013

Surviving Depression

Two frogs fell into a pot of buttermilk. 

One of them despaired, "Oh! We will never be able to get out! The pot is too deep! We are done for!" He gave up all effort, and simply sank down and died.

The other frog thought, "At least I will keep trying. Maybe a way will open up. I might get an opportunity or stroke of luck. I better be prepared."

And so it swam, round and round in circles. It swam till it couldn't move its legs. Slowly the aching legs became still, its eyes closed in exhaustion, and it started sinking.

What was this? It feet went down some, and struck something solid. There they rested.

Opening weary, disbelieving eyes, the frog looked down at the lump of butter on which it was resting.

Its ceaseless struggling had churned the buttermilk into butter!

Muttering a prayer of thanks, the frog mustered its energy, and leaped off from the mass of butter to freedom.

We need to keep making every possible effort, even when the odds stand heavily against us. We need to keep thinking positive. In moments of crisis, our positive thinking habits will lift us out of gloom.

Image credit : wanko, flickr
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