Sunday, December 06, 2015

Do Natural Disasters have a Positive Aspect ?

Natural disasters remove man made barriers among people. Disasters affect every one alike--it makes no difference whether one is rich or poor.

In the ongoing Chennai floods, people were stranded in multistory apartments as water had risen above the first floor in some areas.

Everything being sogged wet, there is no food available-no cooking gas, no power. Everybody has to survive on aid.

Below is a picture showing an NGO "Kolapasi" distributing food packets underneath a flyover in flooded Chennai.

For once, all are at the same level-the size of bank accounts, academic and professional qualifications-- do not set people apart here.

What does is our compassion to fellow beings and willingness to help, foregoing own comforts.

In that sense, one could say natural calamities are a reality check. And it can happen anywhere, to anyone.

If you want to contribute to the Chennai relief efforts, click here:  Chennai floods: 5 ways we can help

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