Friday, December 18, 2015

If You Really Love Some One,..Do This

Set an example for them.

There may be many people important in your life- your loved ones.

You work hard to provide for them, to guide them, to create a secure future for them.

Our financial support can go upto a distance in helping them. Beyond that, they- your spouse, children, and other dependents--are on their own.

Everybody has to live life on their own. Even with enormous financial resources, one needs to know how to manage those resources, steering the shark-infested waters of the greedy world.

There are so many things that your loved ones must know in order to survive and thrive.

It is not humanly possible to instruct and train them-- anticipating all possible situations. Attempting that can antagonize people, as no one likes to be told what to do. Did you like your parents' advice when you were young?

Frustration leads to despair and anger and ruptured relations. But...

There is an easier way to change people

Change yourself.

Easier said than done. How many times many of us have tried to kick a habit!

If it's so hard to change ourselves, why do we try to change others?

An old man on his death bed lamented,"In my youth I tried to change the world, of course in vain. In my middle age I tried to change my family, that too vainly. If I had only tried to change myself all these years, at least one person would have been better."

Children may not listen to your advice, but they never fail to observe what you do,

The world will take care of itself.

Be the change you want to see ---Gandhi

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