Sunday, May 08, 2016

How to Go Out of Business

Today I got a live demo on this - how to go out of business - and fast.

Vacation time was fast approaching and I had to find something to keep the kids engaged or they would turn the home upside down. Being overactive, it seemed they could use some Yoga training to calm down.

I looked up some Kids' Yoga classes in the city and shortlisted a few that were in the vicinity.

Next was the task of calling them up and getting the details of schedule, fees etc.

As I worked through the list, I talked with instructors of different schools. I crossed out several on account of being too expensive, not being pure Yoga (martial arts mix) etc. But the one that really got the black mark was a case study in ruining one's own business. I tried the number because the location was very near our home.

They had given two numbers.

A sleepy male voice answered the first number: Hello?...... Hello?....... Hello?
Obviously he was not hearing me. A full minute went by trying to make myself audible to him. Unfortunately the line was too bad, or he pretended to be so.

Undaunted, I tried the second number. The answerer was female this time. I tried to get the schedule and fees. She seemed to be trying to prevent me from taking the class. This place is too far from your location, How will you reach here?

"No, it is only twenty minutes," I pointed out.

It was really funny, she trying to discourage me from visiting and I reassuring. I finally got it when she couldn't give a schedule for the classes. Tell me your convenient time and we can arrange a trial session for you. No schedule.

No schedule meant no classes. They were not in business.

Why did you list your business in the first place?

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