Thursday, May 05, 2016

I Killed Her

The gruesome rape, torture, and murder of a 29 year old Law student in Perumbavur, Kerala has sent shockwaves through the country.

However, because she was not in the national capital, and belonged to a marginalised class, the media has not been as vociferous in its outrage as that in the 2012 Nirbhaya rape and murder in New Delhi, which attracted international attention

You can read the gruesome details here, but brace yourself, it is extremely disturbing:

Jisha went without meals, walked to college, yet never complained'...

Shunned by neighbours, she found hope in pen camera...

Jisha's classmates pledge to fight for justice...

Neighbour had threatened to kill my daughter: Jisha's mother...

The investigation will reach its natural conclusion, the widespread outrage all over the state and social media indicate people are not going to rest till the guilty are punished.

But that is not the issue: 
Jisha is not going to come back. She is not going to complete her back papers and her law degree so that she can fulfil her dream of building a house for her old mother and take care of her.

Why? Because some men got weird ideas in their minds through watching porn and were insensitized by drugs and alcohol. They lost their humanity and snuffed out a promising life.

Somehow, I feel that I am responsible. I had consumed porn in the past. 

Metaphysical research agrees with Yogic findings that the thoughts of each one of us affects the thoughts of humanity in general. The atmosphere in a fish market is starkly different from that of a place of worship. One is noisy and chaotic while the other is serene and peaceful.

Each time my mind emitted lustful thoughts after watching porn, it vitiated the atmosphere, It degraded the general quality of humanity's thoughts, in however minuscule proportion it was. Millions of people thinking in the same irresponsible way has a snowballing effect on the thoughts of humanity and can have calamitous results like the above incident.

People are more prone to behave in a licentious, irresponsible way when that is all they see all around. Especially so when those in authority behave irresponsibly like that. However, in the presence of somebody who is disciplined and responsible, we also tend to be more orderly.

So the choices and behaviour of each one of us definitely has a marked effect on society. You should have the conviction to follow your convictions.

If we do not take responsibility and take the effort to raise the quality of our thoughts, they can only go in one direction-- down.

When crimes like this happen, we need to remember that we are responsible in a way, because we have not set a better example of ourselves.

Let's take a pledge now to dedicate our efforts towards uplifting our thoughts and habits.

Earlier I had goals about making money and doing world tours and having fun, but it just does not seem right...when large numbers of people are suffering everyday in misery like this....the farmers who have  committed suicide (over 100,000),...Rape victims....acid attack victims....trafficking victims...

It is time for us to do something. We, the educated, empowered class, need to take responsibility for our actions and thoughts, for they have a part in shaping the destiny of the world.

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