Thursday, December 15, 2016

Be Kind : You Never Know When Luck Strikes!

A road side beggar was singing with a beaten down harmonium in frenetic Mumbai. Old, loose clothes, greyed hair, and a hunchback. People ignored him as they do to most beggars. But a young man was captured by the sweetness of his voice and sat down with him. He complimented him, and while parting, slipped some money into his hands, in the guise of a handshake. The boy's name was Shahbaz Ali.

A few days later, Shahbaz got a call from an NGO that he had been selected for an interview with Sonu Nigam, India's leading playback singer. A man in an Innova car came to pick him up..It was Sonu Nigam who had disguised himself as a beggar, as part of an initiative of Being Human, an NGO.

Watch the video recording of the incident.

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