Friday, December 02, 2016

Whither India?

These are just some videos of how life is faring in the national capital, three weeks after the currency note ban.

Sadly, there was no consideration for how the people in the lower economic stata would suffer. How can you expect them to buy a 5000 INR smart phone and start using a mobile wallet overnight? (It's also difficult to withdraw cash from mobile wallets to your bank).

The government should have made IMPS transactions free or developed a system to transfer cash via mobile SMS.

These videos show how the aam admi is faring:

These are all people who are supposed to be working (10 am). Instead, they are standing in queues. How many millions of man hours did India lose on account of this note ban? It's no wonder the GDP is sliding down!

Let's hope nobody gets the idea of invading Pakistan to divert attention from this mess.

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