Sunday, June 03, 2018

Another Reason To Do Just One Thing At A Time

Several years ago, as a novice instructional designer, I was struggling to learn everything about the trade in a crash course at my company.

It was my first e-learning project. I was frustrated as the rest of the team that there wasn't enough time. The disapproving glares of the senior instructional designers weren't helping.

I had, if you may, the audacity to write in the employee feedback site, that learning should be fun and that even toddlers fall down many times while learning to walk.

It was the fear of failure that was preventing us from making the effort and enjoying the process.

In this video, Marianne Pascal reveals another secret why trying to do it correctly while learning a new skill is counterproductive:

While you are learning  a new skill, that itself is a major task. When you try to do it well as well, then you are multitasking. The brain cannot multitask, it shuts down on one of them.

So while learning a new skill, it is enough that you just do it.

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