Monday, June 25, 2018

Why is This Called a Dream

In Vedanta, there are frequent exhortations that this Universe and human life is like a dream, experiences are transient, and so on. Buddhism echoes similar thought when it says the self is void.

To us who are embedded in the turmoil of worldly existence, this may seem like a contradiction, out of touch with reality.. We could argue: then why is pleasure and pain sensations so persistent?

The real meaning of dream or illusion is that it is not what is appears to be..or what we conceive it to be..

We cannot possess anything in its true sense, we only have custody of our possessions for some time. Even the material objects which we possess and enjoy everyday, are not in our permanent possession. They leave us, or we leave them, at the time of death, if not before.

Even this body of ours is no exception. We cannot possess it forever.

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